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Golf Cart Enclosures

Made In America

Made In America

New olf Cart Enclosure

New Sandstone Color for 2023

About Us


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Sleekline enclosures have been providing Central Florida and across the country with superior Golf Cart Enclosures for over seven years. We offer a wide selection of enclosers for a variety of golf carts, along with numerous accessories for the industry. 

We produce all our own molds in our Gainesville location plant and manufacture all our own units in our plant In Ocala, Florida.

Our Dealers are in various locations to help serve any of your needs, or you can contact us directly for installation on your new or used cart. Installation is usually picked up in 2 to 3 days and returned to you the same day from one of our company's own company installers.

Our units can be painted or have decals installed for your favorite colors or team logos.


Satisfied Customers

Had to put one for my wife and we both love it, happy wife happy life.  


Just put one on and driving my cart again could not handle the roll ups anymore.


We now have 2 Sleekline’s and wouldn’t have anything else.


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